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Kick the academic habit †academic writing vs business writing - Emphasis

Kick the scholastic propensity †scholarly composing versus business composing Kick the scholastic propensity †scholarly composing versus business composing Most understudies know about that morning-in the wake of feeling. Be that as it may, scholastic life can leave you with another sort of headache youll need to shake off before taking off to work: a scholarly composing style. At the point when your key peruser is bound to be found in a meeting room than a staffroom, you have to change your methodology. The spotlight ought to be less on showing each and every piece of information and more on the outcomes you need your report to deliver. Additionally, its really likely your new peruser wont have the persistence of your college speaker. So spare the colorful exposition and make a point to leave these three ordinary propensities behind, alongside your astro light and Pink Floyd banner. Confounding changes Actually no, not the keep going barely any stops on the bar creep. This is the imprudent utilization of connecting words, for example, in addition, be that as it may, moreover and in any case. Theres nothing inalienably amiss with these words, however utilizing them doesnt naturally make the association between sections clear, or even assurance that what you compose is associated with what went previously. On the off chance that you suggest a connection that is indistinct or non-existent, youre going to wind up with a confounded peruser or, more awful, an ex-peruser. Inquire as to whether you can make the association increasingly express to enable your peruser to follow your contention. A decent method to do this is to bring an expression or reference from the past section into the following. For instance, if in one section youve been portraying the advantages for a specific branch of utilizing a specific framework, you may follow with something like: However, the advantages for HR have been exceeded by issues somewhere else One an excessive number of Hello, were not here to decide what you do after you check out. In any case, in working hours, attempt to show a little restriction with the amount you attempt to fit into one sentence, that is. The excessively enthusiastic understudy naive with recently obtained information and an overabundance of Red Bull is frequently moved to press each and every thing they think about a subject into one section, or even one exceptionally long sentence. Post-graduation, give your peruser (and yourself) a simpler time and a superior possibility of understanding and following up on your data by adhering to one thought for every sentence. Be specific with your data, as well. The objective is to give your peruser the data they have to know, not a concise history of everything that might be identified with it. Short passages can be useful as well, as colossal squares of content on a page can be overpowering or offputting for the peruser. In any case, dont break at an irregular point just to achieve this: it will disorientate and upset the stream. Ensure that while each sentence contains just a single thought, each section contains only one topic. Sesquipedalian* hotshots * (adj.) relating to or given to the utilization of excessively long words Your teacher may have moaned blissfully at presentations of a wide and graceful jargon, yet the peruser of your report might be less spellbound. Truth be told, on the off chance that you send them off to discover a word reference, they may stay away forever. So ensure you trade superfluously long words and expressions for less complex other options. For instance, is it extremely indispensable to write in closeness to as opposed to approach? Not exclusively are shorter adaptations seen all the more promptly, being more straightforward will help the associations youre making run over more plainly: a strong in light of the fact that is desirable over a confined because of the way that. What's more, maintain a strategic distance from nominalisations (the utilization of an action word as a thing), as they pull in pointless additional words and mask the activity in a sentence. Why state embrace the usage of when you could just say actualize, or a significantly progressively ordinary option, for example, set up? Why, the scholarly world, why? Also, presently, class, let us attract to a nearby with this inquiry: would it be better if understudies werent urged to write in the scholastic style in any case? Richard Dixon, an independent writer and analyst who was boss change manager of The Times for a long time, would state a resonating yes. He needed to guard the reasonable, exact language in his PhD theory to the outside analyst: She condemned my proposal as having a few sections with just two thoughts, as though this were a human sin, and being written in a basic (or perhaps shortsighted) style not regular in scholarly composition. I disclosed to her that those were the early advantages of preparing as a sub-editorial manager on an appropriately altered research diary. Furthermore, having himself helped recuperating scholastics grab towards a reasonable journalistic style, he notes: Very not many of them have felt they expected to purchase a Dixon voodoo doll and stick sticks in it in counter. Some have even been appreciative. Tragically, even with Richards input, we presumably cant hope to change the whole college frameworks composing propensities in the short term. In any case, on the off chance that you can accept a couple of these tips, at any rate we can assist you with graduating into the universe of business composing decisively.

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Character analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Character examination - Essay Example â€Å"Never overlook what you are. The remainder of the world won't. Wear it like defensive layer and it can never be utilized to hurt you† (Martin, 56). The exchange is from George R.R Martin’s arrangement, A ‘Song of Ice and Fire’, spoken by Tyrion Lannister, one of the most interesting characters who convey a surprising insightfulness and multifaceted character in the book. Clearly, his words demonstrate the extraordinary expectations and solid confidence that he had notwithstanding being a diminutive person and accepted that his physical handicap doesn't suggest his powerlessness to convey throughout everyday life. Through his moving and prized method of speaking, Tyrion shows exceptional capacity of judiciousness and instinct. â€Å"As the most terrific creation† of the creator Tyrion’s aspirations vitalizes on his remarkable point of view and open the new page of history on the incredible execution of a diminutive person in media. Estima bly, Tyrion stays on to confirm that without a doubt the foes connected to his dwarfism can be survived (Ben, 01). In addition, to completely understand the intricacy and uniqueness of the attributes of Tyrion, one must observe his youth foundation. As a â€Å"high conceived dwarf† in a very noble and self-important family who had controlled their administration more than seven realms, Tyrion was not a child with wearisome polish and affection. In actuality, he has been portrayed as a â€Å"midget† or â€Å"imp† who has been made an untouchable by different characters in his family (Abraham et al., 116). Among various purposes for people’s disdain towards Tyrion incorporates the passing of his mom while she was bringing forth him. Tyrion Lannister doesn't impart a solid attach to his solitary sister named Cersei Lannister. All things considered, his sibling Jamie Lannister has a great deal of sympathy for Tyrion for which he has helped him all through the novel. Moreover, the network of the Lannisters gigantically alienated Tyrion since he was required to be

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ESTJ Personality Characteristics, Myths & Cognitive Functions

ESTJ Personality Characteristics, Myths & Cognitive Functions Theories Personality Psychology Print ESTJ: The Director (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) An Overview of the ESTJ Personality Type By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Updated on January 04, 2019 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Overview Intuitive-Thinking INTJ INTP ENTJ ENTP Intuitive-Feeling INFJ INFP ENFJ ENFP Sensing-Judging ISTJ ISFJ ESTJ ESFJ Sensing-Perceiving ISTP ISFP ESTP ESFP In This Article Table of Contents Expand Key ESTJ Characteristics Cognitive Functions Personal Relationships Career Paths Tips for Interacting With ESTJs View All ESTJ is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ESTJs are often described as practical, take-charge kind of people.?? They live in the here-and-now and are very concerned with making sure that things run smoothly and according to the rules.  They are committed to tradition, standards, and laws. They have strong beliefs and expect that other people uphold these same principles as well. Illustration by JR Bee, Verywell David Keirsey, the creator of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter?? , suggests that approximately eight to twelve percent of all people have an ESTJ personality. Key ESTJ Characteristics Individuals with this personality type tend to place a high value on tradition, rules, and security. Maintaining the status quo is important to ESTJs and they often become involved in civics, government and community organizations.Because of their orthodox approach to life, they can sometimes be seen as rigid, stubborn, and unyielding. Their take-charge attitude makes it easy for ESTJs to assume leadership positions.Their self-confidence and strong convictions help them excel at putting plans into action, but they can at times appear critical and overly aggressive, particular when other people fail to live up to their high standards.People often describe ESTJs as predictable, stable, committed, and practical. They tend to be very frank and honest when it comes to sharing their opinions, which can sometimes be seen as harsh or overly critical. Strengths Practical and realistic Dependable Self-confident Hard-working Traditional Strong leadership skills Weaknesses Insensitive Inflexible Not good at expressing feelings Argumentative Bossy Cognitive Functions The MBTI suggests that each personality type is made up of a number of cognitive functions (sensing, thinking, feeling, and intuition) that are either directed toward the outside world (extraverted) or inward (introverted).?? The dominant function is the one that plays a primary role in personality, although the auxiliary function plays an important supporting role. The tertiary and inferior functions are less prominent, but can still have an influence on how people behave and interact with the world. Dominant: Extraverted Thinking ESTJs rely on objective information and logic to make decisions?? rather than personal feelings. They are skilled at making objective, impersonal decisions. Rather than focusing on their own subjective feelings when they are making judgments, they consider facts and logic in order to make rational choices.People with ESTJ personality types tend to be very practical. They enjoy learning about things that they can see an immediate, real-world use for but tend to lose interest in things that are abstract or theoretical. ESTJs enjoy concrete facts?? as opposed to abstract information.They are good at making fast and decisive choices, but they may often rush to judgment before considering all the information about a situation. One the positive side, this trait makes them good leaders, but it can sometimes lead them to being viewed as harsh or abrasive. Auxiliary: Introverted Sensing They are good at remembering things with a great deal of detail. Their memories of past events can be quite vivid and they often utilize their recollections of past experiences to make connections with present events.Because their sensing function is focused inwardly, they tend to be less concerned with novelty and more focused on familiarity. They enjoy having habits and routines that they can depend upon. While this gives them stability and predictability, it can also make them stubborn and unyielding at times. Tertiary: Extraverted Intuition This aspect of personality seeks out novel ideas and possibilities. It compels people with this personality type to explore their creativity.As they process new ideas and information, they may explore the possible meanings in order to spot new connections or patterns. This allows them to look at incoming information and recognize that there may be more than one interpretation or possible outcome. Inferior: Introverted Feeling When this function is used, it may lead ESTJs to make decisions based more on feelings than on logic. These are often internal valuations that lead to gut feelings about some situations. While this function is not used as often, in some cases a person might allow their subjective feelings to override their objective interpretation of a situation.ESTJs tend to give much thought to their own emotions, so this function often operates on a largely unconscious basis. ESTJs You Might Know Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. PresidentMegyn Kelly, television personalityBilly Graham, evangelistAlec Baldwin, actorDarth Vader, character from Star Wars Personal Relationships As extroverts, ESTJs are very outgoing and enjoy spending time in the company of others. They can be very boisterous and funny in social situations and often enjoy being at the center of attention. Family is also of the utmost importance to ESTJs. They put a great deal of effort into fulfilling their family obligations. Social events are also important and they are good at remembering important events such as birthdays and anniversaries. They look forward to attending weddings, family reunions, holiday parties, class reunions, and other occasions. One potential area of weakness for ESTJs is their tendency to be so rigid when it comes to rules and routines. They take their own opinion quite seriously, but are far less inclined to listen to what others have to say on a subject. Career Paths Because they appreciate order and organization?? , they frequently do well in supervisory roles. When in such positions, they are committed to making sure that members of the group follow rules and traditions and law established by higher authorities. In school and work situations, ESTJs are very hard-working and dependable.?? They strive to follow directions to the letter and show a great deal of respect and deference for authority figures. They are thorough and punctual about completing their work and rarely question or complain about the work. ESTJs have a wide range of personality characteristics that help them excel at a number of different careers. Their emphasis on rules and procedures make them well-suited to supervisory and management positions, while their respect for laws, authority, and order help them excel in law enforcement roles.?? Popular ESTJ Careers Police officerMilitaryJudgeTeacherSchool administratorBusiness managerAccountantBanker Tips for Interacting With ESTJs Friendships People with this personality type are very social and enjoy getting their friends involved in activities that they enjoy. ESTJs often prize dependability over almost everything. If you are a stable friend who sticks to your commitments, you will likely be able to forge a strong friendships with an ESTJ. Parenting ESTJs children tend to be very responsible and goal-directed, but be cautious to avoid placing too many expectations on your childs shoulders. They enjoy structure and routine. While they are good at being self-directed, they still need guidance and rules to give them the security they crave. Relationships ESTJs are dependable and take their commitments seriously. Once they have dedicated themselves to a relationship, they will stay true to it for life. They tend to neglect feelings, which can be difficult for their partners as times. While they may not express their feelings through words, remember that they will often convey their emotions through actions.

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The Effect Of Environmental And Genetics On The...

One of these oldest arguments in the history of psychology is the debate of whether or not ones environment or genetic background plays more of a role in the development of a person. Both nature and nurture have been proven to play an important role in one’s development. Nature is what we think of as pre-wiring and is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors. Nurture is generally taken as the influence of external factors after conception e.g. the product of exposure, experience and learning on an individual. Throughout this paper the effects of environmental and genetics factors on a person will be discussed, and one will learn how they aid in the development of a person. It has long been established that certain physical characteristics are biologically determined by genetic inheritance. Color of eyes, the texture and color of one’s hair, pigmentation of the skin and certain diseases are all a function of the genes we inherit. Other physical cha racteristics, if not determined, appear to be at least strongly influenced by the genetic make-up of our biological parents. Characteristics such as height, weight, hair loss, life expectancy and vulnerability to specific illnesses are positively correlated between genetically related individuals. These facts have led many to speculate as to whether psychological characteristics such as behavioral tendencies, personality attributes and mental abilities are also established in an individual before he is evenShow MoreRelatedIndividual Diffferences - How environmental factors affect Personality Intelligence1525 Words   |  7 Pageswhich environmental factors can impact on the development of an individual’s personality and intelligence. The discussion in this essay entails the extent to which environmental factors impact an individual’s development of personality and intelligence. Development can be defined as ‘improvement in function’ which would imply that it occurs with the progression of age. Personality has been found to have a substantial genetic influence however economic and social factors have been found to effect theRead MoreThe Processes by Which Genes and Environment Operate Together to Influence Development1597 Words   |  7 PagesThe Processes by Which Genes and Environment Operate Together to Influence Development Psychologists have argued for centuries over which has played the larger role in child development, heredity or environment. The British philosopher John Locke (1632 –1704) proposed one of the first theories in the seventeenth century. Locke believed that a child was bornRead MoreGenetic Testing : Is We Ready Yet? Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pages GENETIC TESTING- ARE WE READY YET? As exciting as it sounds, genetic testing can give a complete insight of what one’s genetic makeup beholds for his/her future. However this comes with a price that can potentially make or break the life thereafter. Highly accurate genetic testing is a huge step; however, such a success can be fruitful only if the after effects are efficiently managed. Accurate prediction of possible socio-economic and psychological effects and devising efficient management strategiesRead MoreIs Affiliation with Deviant Peers an Inheritable Trait?682 Words   |  3 PagesPsychology Essay The paper is addressing the theory that suggests that affiliation with deviate peers is inheritable. Phenotypic research has mainly centred on environmental associates of peer deviance. Often, family life is seen to influence the outcome of peer deviance, which are positively linked with child-parent conflict, poor parental discipline and monitoring. Moreover, PD has been associated with community-level and socioeconomic aspects. Youths might also be predisposed to choosingRead MoreAging Is A Process Of A Disease Based On Genetic Makeup ( Schneider )1206 Words   |  5 Pagesorganism is due to genetic cellular and molecular modifications. The level of changes on the longevity of the plant can affect it in several ways in a gradual process as the age progresses with time. According to Finch, the process of aging can also have a definition that it is the accumulation of underlying molecular errors (Finch,2007). These errors with time eventually corrupt the adult stem cells. The ef fect of the accumulating errors is due to some epigenetic and genetic interactions (FinchRead MoreAnalysis Of Prospective Cohort Study Data916 Words   |  4 Pagesor incidence rate difference and ratio. Calculating an incidence rate involves determining the amount of person-time accrued by each study subject. Relative risks of each of the variables that are evaluated in the study are calculated. In addition, a Cox proportional hazard models is used to analyzed the relationship between environmental and genetic factors and type 1 diabetes mellitus. Persons-years were calculated for all the individuals from the beginning of the prospective cohort study until theRead MoreEssay about Genetics and Schizophrenia1632 Words   |  7 Pagesin the introduction. This essay will also talk about weather schizophrenia is genetically inherited or weather it is a biological (Inherited) disorder. It will also include weather schizophrenia is cause by other factors such as social factors, environm ental, pre natal, childhood and neurobiology. The essay will also state weather schizophrenia is caused by a combination of the two. In 1908 Bleuler prised his own term schizophrenia from the Greek world’s schizien meaning to split and phren meaningRead MoreThe Potential Effects Of Five Different Life Factors On The Development Of An Individual1716 Words   |  7 PagesP2: explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual Introduction There are different factors that can influence an individual’s development. When an individual is developing there are different biological and environmental factors that can determine the way they are, the way they act and the way they develop. It all depends on a combination of both environmental and biological influences. In this assignment I will talk about the five life factorsRead MoreThe Field Of Personality Development1337 Words   |  6 Pagespersonality. Personality development is relevant to adolescent development because the two go hand in hand. With development comes development of who someone is, their personality. In this paper I will look deeper into the genetics behind personality development, as well as the environmental aspect. I will relate personality development to aspects of learning discussed in the course material. I will explain currently asked questions in the field of personality development, and I will tie that intoRead MoreCollege Student wi th Bipolar Disorder Essay1462 Words   |  6 Pagesmania. â€Å"Extreme changes in energy, activity, sleep, and behavior go along with these changes in mood† (National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 2008). A person becomes more goal-oriented and has grandeur visions of success. Patient M shows all these symptoms while talking to her friends and professors in college. She describes herself as a person who is above the two standard genders, what she calls a â€Å"third sex†, and who switched souls with a senior senator from her state. The latter belief inspires

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Matrix Concept Essay - 632 Words

Matrix Concept Social Psychology Ganouse Capricien Strayer University Social Psychology Concept | Definition | Application to SocietyProvide Example | Application to Criminal JusticeProvide Example | Application to the IndividualProvide Example | Survey Research | Structured sets of questions or statements given to a group of people to measure their attitudes, beliefs, values, or behavioral tendencies. | Survey research applies to society when we need to gather data or information concerning an event or some sort. For example, Survey research can be used at the university to understand how the students feel and how they are coping with the university’s rule. | Survey research applies to Criminal Justice when the department†¦show more content†¦| Self- handicapping in society is the fact that people has barricaded their own way, and not wanting to move on. For example people has made excuses to fail and not being able to achieve their goal. Some people have made look like they can’t the real world in other to not work or go to sch ool. | Self-handicapping in Criminal Justice is not just about inside of the criminal justice, but also on the outside. For example, some people has self-handicapping themselves to have an excuse as to not facing the fact that life has cut up with them, or some people might not want to move on. | Self-handicapping applied to the individual in their own ways. For example, Some people might destroy themselves just so someone else would feel sorry for them. Others might do it because they don’t want to face the reality or the truth. | Hindsight Bias | The tendency, once an event has occurred, to overestimate our ability to have foreseen the outcome. | | | | External Attribution | An attribution that locates the cause of an event to factors external to the person, such as luck, or other people, or the situation. | | | | Cognitive Dissonance | A feeling of discomfort caused by performing an action that is inconsistent with one’s attitudes. | | | | Media Persuasion | Media persuasion is when the media try to manipulates an outcome in order to make something that is not there. | | |Show MoreRelatedThe Concept of Change in the Wachowski Brothers Film The Matrix1070 Words   |  5 PagesAs individuals overcome the inevitable process of change, they begin to realize their full potential. In the set text, the 1999 Wachowski Brother’s film, The Matrix, the concept of change is significantly explored. In the related texts â€Å"Plato’s Allegory of the cave† and â€Å"The Door† clearly represents and reinforces this concept of change; that it is inevitable and experiences from this process leads to wisdom. In each text, the individual composers explore certain themes such as â€Å"the illusion of reality†Read MoreEssay about The Matrix1338 Words   |  6 Pages lt;a href=quot;;gt;Sam Vaknins Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites It is easy to confuse the concepts of quot;virtual realityquot; and a quot;computerized model of reality (simulation)quot;. The former is a self-contained Universe, replete with its quot;laws of physicsquot; and quot;logicquot;. It can bear resemblance to the real world or not. It can be consistent or not. It can interact with the real world or not. InRead MoreEssay On Mans Search For Meaning1561 Words   |  7 Pagestoo difficult to accept. In order to find meaning in one’s life while suffering or experiencing a difficult situation, meaning is often found in illusions and false hoods, rather than in reality. Within Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, The Matrix, and Allegory of the Cave by Plato, the reader witnesses individual characters that were unable to withstand the pain of the truth, and resort to altering their perception to live in a illusion in order to survive. On the path to discovering meaningRead MoreSimulacrum And Simulations And Simulacra And Sc ience Fiction1598 Words   |  7 Pagesauthor and sociologist Jean Baudrillard explains this phenomenon by exploring the concept of simulacrum and simulations. Baudrillard argues that we live in a simulation that is more real than reality, and thus no longer even bears a resemblance to reality. In other words, the reality we think we know is really just an illusion. One movie with an exceptional amount of parallels to Baudrillard’s ideologies is The Matrix, directed by the Wachowskis. Many people believe that foundation of The Matrix’sRead MoreEssay on The Matrix2824 Words   |  12 Pages The Matrix Interweaves much symbolism, mythology, philosophy, and psychology. On the surface, the movie challenges the dominance of technology in our culture and predicts an apocalyptic result from the use of artificial intelligence. Yet, behind the human struggle for survival is a mythical backdrop upon which are backlit some of C.G. Jungs basic ideas regarding the human psyche. These Jungian ideas include the ego-Self relationship and how it relates to the persona, the shadow, individuation,Read MoreQuestionnaire And Questionnaire On Customer Requirements Essay1527 Words   |  7 Pagesdepicted in Table 1 [22]. 4.5. Construct the fuzzy relationship matrix The fuzzy relationship matrix is created to link the factors of CRs (CRi , i = 1, 2, †¦ , n) and business planning parameters (BPj , j = 1, 2, . . . ,m). Let X_ij^h, h = 1, 2, †¦, N, be the linguistic value (see Section 3.3) given to ith factor corresponding to jth business planning parameters by expertise h. The linguistic relationship degree in the position (i, j) of the matrix is first transformed into triangular fuzzy numbers, and thenRead MoreCartesian and Platonic Philosophical Themes in The Matrix Essay2065 Words   |  9 Pagesexamine the philosophical questions raised in the movie The Matrix. It will step through how the questions from the movie directly relate to both skepticism and the mind-body problem, and further how similarly those problems look to concepts raised by both Descartes’ and Plato’s philosophies. It will attempt to show that many of the questions raised in the movie are metaphor for concepts from each philosopher’s works, a nd why those concepts are important in relation to how they are presented in theRead More Faust Essay1776 Words   |  8 Pagessome contemporary films to this day. All though it is not always as direct as a deal with the actual devil, the same basis of the story can be seen in present day films. In one of the most successful movies of the year 2000, The Matrix, a Faustian theme is evident. The Matrix is a science fiction movie directed by the Wachowski brothers. The old legend of Faust is, in short, about a young scholar who made a deal with Mephistopheles, the devil. Faust was seeking ultimate knowledge and in the deal theRead MoreAll the Mathematics You Missed but Need to Know for Graduate School17996 Words   |  72 Pagestypes of functions. Calculus studies differentiable functions from the real numbers to the real numbers, algebra studies polynomials of degree one and two (in high school) and permutations (in college), linear algebra studies linear functions, or matrix multiplication. Thus in learning a new area of mathematics, you should always find the function of interest. Hence at the beginning of most chapters we will state the type of function that will be studied. xxii ON THE STRUCTURE OF MATHEMATICS Read MoreEssay on The Matrix and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave 1922 Words   |  8 Pagessimply illusion brought by our subjective view of the world? But when attempting to understand the nature of our existence, about why we are here, the complexities of life often make it difficult to interpret this subject. The film The Matrix centers on this same concept that the known world is an illusion. The movies core theme of reality and illusion is definite to the humans understanding of what the true meaning of life is. Ones understanding of reality is only defined by their choice to choose the

Experience of Life Free Essays

Have you ever thought how much someone can grow and learn through the experiences? There are many factors in how people can change their personality; their way of thinking and every day grow more as a person. Life is too complex to understand, it is better to live and enjoy each day to the fullest that it is where you learns more. In my opinion, I believe in what my mother says, â€Å"Everyone must go through their own experiences and learn from their own mistakes†. We will write a custom essay sample on Experience of Life or any similar topic only for you Order Now I personally have changed a lot as a person in the past two years by different life experience like my graduation in college, starting a new job and moving to another country. My first impact when I understood that my life was changing and I had to go through new roads was my graduation day. I was with my toga and cap in a huge classroom with more than a hundred students, all seated waiting for our bachelor’s degree. Upon hearing my name and having to climb onto the stage to receive my degree was the moment when I realized that I was no longer a child and I became a woman with a degree from preschool teacher. The shock of knowing that my life was going to start to be different and I will start a new life as an adult and with a real job frame my life. The jump from being a student to becoming a professional is awesome, I am very proud of my achievements but on the other hand, I went into a panic at not knowing what was coming next. I think that in that moment was a huge change in my life that made me mature tremendously. After I understand that my life had changed, I started my adventure of living the life that I always dreamed, to be a teacher. The time of being a head teacher had arrived. During my two years of working I was a head teacher of Nursery. The experience I had during those two years was amazing; it’s incredible how children transmit you peace, happiness and that innocence that captures the heart of everyone. However, some of my biggest challenges during my years of work were dealing with parents. For example, in my first year of teaching one of my students father ordered an appointment with the director and me to see if I met his expectations as a teacher of his daughter. At first, I will not deny, I felt insulted because how could a parent knowing that â€Å"El Jefferson† is one of the best schools in Caracas and he wanted to see if her daughter’s teacher was professional†. That experience made me grow and understand each situation and fear that parents maybe can feel having to leave their children in a school when they have only 3 years old. At the end of the meeting the father apologized to me and congratulated me of my professionalism and the way that I took the meeting. I felt proud of myself and I gave him what he needs confidence and security. Each experience has made me grow in different ways and I really appreciate. Likewise, after having completed my two years of work experience in which I enjoy to the fullest. I started to go through some of the biggest changes in my life, moving to a new country. One of my life goals is to do a master of Special Education, so I decided to do this master in New York City. From the moment I stepped on the United States I realized that my life was changing 360 degrees. I was leaving my family, my friends, my life in Venezuela and I was faced with something new and different: different language, different culture, new friends, new place to live, etc. I can say this has been one of the strongest changes in my life that made e grow without anesthesia in too little time. Today I live alone, I cook, I do my laundry and I managed all my expenses. This is the first time that I am living alone and having my independence. I can totally say this is a unique and incredible experience. This opportunity that my parents are offering me has helped me to understand how difficult could be the life and if you dream for something you have to fight for it. For example, when I was at school or in college my mother was always reminding me to study or whatever, does not mean that I did not, but it is a typical habit of mothers. Now that I am here studying to start a master in NYC, all the responsibility of homework, studies, etc. it is totally on me. For anyone, this kind of life experience makes us grow up enormously and I appreciate every day in life than my parents could give me, because that is being changed me more and more as a person. In conclusion, it is difficult to write on paper all those experiences, which I have gone through and have changed me as a person. Each day that passes everyone live things that mark us forever, sometimes they are more noticeable than others. As my grandmother â€Å"People never stop learning no matter how old they are†. How to cite Experience of Life, Essay examples

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Serendipity free essay sample

Raku, a Japanese word, translates most closely to â€Å"serendipity,† or a fortuitous occurrence. It’s a centuries-old practice of glazing pottery that always yields unexpected results because the mercurial nature of raku glaze makes it impossible to control the color development of pieces as they fire. Some pieces emerge from the flames like burnt rainbows, glowing brilliantly, while others look like charred bits of tin foil. In other words, raku epitomizes the control freak’s worst nightmare. Most of the time ceramicists employ mathematical precision in the creation of their pieces; each stroke, pinch, and twist succinctly brings about a desired end. This control shatters when the piece enters the raku kiln and is offered up to the true final artist: heat. When I first encountered raku, I panicked. I was the control freak in art class who spent two hours smoothing the lip of a mug because I was never satisfied with my work. We will write a custom essay sample on Serendipity or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I started leaving my pieces unfinished and unfired, still in their green state, so that I wouldn’t have to lend them to chance. Eventually, I stopped working with clay altogether because I was so afraid of the possibility of a negative outcome. After two weeks working in 2-D, I figured out that my fear of raku firing spoke to a prominent phobia that I had incorporated into my life outside of art, a fear of imperfection. As I stared at my sketchbook, I realized how critical I was of myself in regards to almost everything, and I realized how ridiculous it was that I existed in a cage of self-made, self-perpetuated fear. Raku is a metaphor for life. We have little control over our external circumstances, but we can control how we go into things; we can shape our characters so that we conduct heat admirably. That day as I sat in art, I knew exactly what I had to do to begin the process of personal conductivity: I had to raku, and let the stigma of imperfection burn off in the process. Ready to tackle my inhibitions, I began to sculpt again. When I had the right piece, I painted it with raku glaze and shut it in the kiln, fingers crossed, relinquishing all control and hope of perfection. I opened the kiln an hour later to a burnt rainbow. Since then, I’ve rakued many times with varying degrees of conventional â€Å"success.† I value my failed pieces as much as my brilliant ones because regardless of their outcome, their creation represents triumph over perfectionism and anxiety. My true serendipity occurs when I put my pieces in the kiln. Serendipity free essay sample Michele Trammels wrote about three princes who were always making discoveries of things In which they were not In search of. The word serendipity comes from the word serenely, Arlington from the Arabic word Sarandon. From that came the word serendipity. Interestingly enough, serendipity Is known as one of the hardest words to translate and define. This allows the word to be applied and perceived in a variety of ways. Each persons view of serendipity can be different. If you look up the definition of serendipity, youll find about thirty different functions because this word means something different to everybody who experiences it.To me, serendipity is when you take the wrong turn and end up favorite coffee shop or restaurant. For some serendipity is fate, for others its luck. But most importantly, serendipity is never looking for life greatest treasures but receiving lifes greatest surprises. Serendipity can lead us to discover life long friends, great adventures, or even a little treasure. We will write a custom essay sample on Serendipity or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It may be different for everyone who experiences it but no matter how you define it, serendipity is a gift, one we receive when we are least expecting it.